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TAIRA WIGGINS of Sweet Earth Pottery creates contemporary art pottery influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement of the early 20th Century. Her designs reflect the California landscape with a rustic Craftsman feel and are inspired by childhood memories spent with family in her father’s, her grandparent’s, and later her own Craftsman bungalows. Taira uses the centuries-old method of Cuerda Seca, drawing lines of ‘black cord’ to separate the glaze which is applied by brushing on in layers, a painstaking yet beautiful process.

Taira Wiggins is a proud Artist Member of CAPCA - Contemporary Art Pottery Collectors Association, AAPA - American Art Pottery Association, ACC - American Craft Council, and CCGA - California Clay and Glass Artists.

There is nothing like the warmth of a Craftsman style bungalow.  My earliest memories of family and laughter occurred in my Grandparents Craftsman house on Martin Avenue in San Jose, California. Forty years later, I can still walk through the floor plan in my mind. There were thirteen grandchildren and six sets of aunts and uncles that would crowd into that beautiful little house for every birthday or holiday. Twenty seven people total, including my grandparents, every time. The funny thing is, I don’t remember it ever feeling crowded. 
 At San Jose State University, I studied architecture and design. Part of our curriculum was two full semesters dedicated to studying Every Single Element of design found in each period.  Neoclassical, Federal, Empire, Early American, Victorian, Arts & Crafts Movement, Art Deco, etc.  The Arts & Crafts Movement always held a special place in my heart.
 I grew up in a 1960’s California Ranch house. While beautiful in its own right, my childhood home lacked the warmth and charm of my Grandparents' bungalow. In the nineties, my Father moved to another beautiful little Craftsman house in Santa Cruz. The floor plan was about the same as my Grandparents' house.  It had a very large glass greenhouse in the back that my Father turned into his studio, and a running stream behind that where my two little girls and I fished for crawdad. We absolutely loved spending time there.

Finally, in 2002 I bought my own Craftsman home nestled among an acre of oak trees in Los Gatos, California.
When I create my pottery I am reflecting on all of these experiences.


Buster is the Sweet Earth Pottery studio manager. He keeps Taira mindful of the clock. Every day, he lets her know when it's 5:00 pm (his dinner time).